6 month private mentorship experience

Nourished By Sex

Heal sexual pain and create the nourishing sex life that you’ve always craved, so that you can fall deeply in love with your sexuality, enjoy penetrative sex, and experience sexual satisfaction. 

hey queen:

Do you want to experience frequent nourishing  sex?

Go from no orgasms or mediocre orgasms to powerful orgasms?

Feel like a Queen in your body, unapologetically asking for what you want from your lover in bed… and getting it?


I see you
Your pleasure matters.
Your body matters.
This season of your life matters.
You can experience unforgettable pleasure now.
The patriarchal system will not dim your light.
Racial oppression will not shut you down.
As a mother, a wife, daughter, sister, friend, leader… The Black Woman
You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.
You literally feel your body shutting down in a trauma response.
When it comes to tuning into your pleasure,
sometimes you fall into a shame spiral for the lack of desire… 
Perhaps you feel undesirable.

It’s time to reclaim your sexual power as the elixir of your life.

  • Live life as an inherently pleasure-filled woman no matter what season of life you are in.
  • Feel nourished by your glorious sexuality.
  • Feel seen, adored and celebrated in your bootylicious curves, and folds.
  • Feel an avalanche of orgasmic sensation rippling through your body.
  • Experience sexual satisfaction.


Receive personalized support on a regular basis, exploring challenging topics in doable ways. Engage in Tiny Habits -  behavior-changing nourishing  to help you feel more embodied. 

A Rhythmic Dose of "Tiny Habits"

Receive nuanced, trauma-responsive care that embraces your full range of emotions, including your desires and resistance, your boldness and limitations, your RAVES and CRAVES.

A Powerful Program

Receive a personalized blueprint based on your personal lifestyle which serves as a magical map to helping you reclaim your sovereignty in sex, love and intimacy.

A Clear Desire Map



  • Release the internal fear and anxiety that have deprived you of orgasmic pleasure, so that your body can relax and receive the pleasure you've always craved.

  • Successfully recode your nervous system to dispel religious conditioning, past experiences, and sexual discomfort so that you can fully discover the abundance of pleasure you are meant to feel in your vulva. 

  • Activate the mindset of a Sexual Queen. Shift from pain to sovereignty, avoidance to desire, numbness to arousal, to unlock the medicinal potency of your own body and joy, bliss, and peace.


  • Learn world-class techniques for relaxing the vaginal muscles, relaxation techniques, and setting consensual boundaries so that you can spark desire, sustain arousal and experience fulfilling sex.

  • Break the dysfunctional patterns, restrictive beliefs, disempowering conditioning and interpersonal trauma that perpetuates the old messaging of "I am broken", "God is pushing me for touching myself". These only re-enforce the negative experiences of painful sex, but you can expand into the erotic blueprint of health you were inherently born to expand into.

  • Develop gentle awareness of your emotional triggers so that if they come up - you know how to handle them like a queen.


  • Learn how to experience the most nourishing orgasms... No more thinking you're "not that kind of woman". Learn how to truly enjoy your unique sexuality and pleasure.

  • Mend breaches of trust, safety and consent, so that you can shamelessly enjoy your sexuality and feel deeply satisfied by it.

  • Master orgasmic reclamation and expansion tools for better sex, so that you can enjoy many forms of orgasms - clitoral, vaginal, cervical, full-body and more! 


  • Drop the “Good Girl” syndrome and become a sexual initiator, so that you can unapologetically ask for what you want. Deepen your ability to safely surrender so that you can enjoy frequent vaginal orgasms, g-spot pleasure, and cervical orgasms.

  • Learn what sexual archetype turns you on so that you can step into radical self-expression, wild liberation, and audacity.

  • Reclaim your body as MULTI-ORGASMIC


"I am able to communicate with authenticity, clarity and kindness with my husband."

After having a couple of weeks to integrate this new sense of compassion, strength and understanding, I am able to communicate with authenticity, clarity and kindness with my husband. Instead of feeling irritated and angry, I am experiencing more awareness, patience and appreciation. Being able to share what we desire, fear and love, while feeling supported, seen and honored by one another is transforming the way we relate.

Terri Ann. X 


Victoria is one of the most impressive, powerful and effective Sexologist I have worked with!

I highly recommend Joyce's sexual health coaching and teaching. I´ve watched her heal her own vaginismus, unapologetically stepping into the empowered sexual being she naturally is, transforming all religious conditioning into full sexual liberation.

- Layla Martin, founder of the VITA™ Institute

Working and playing on your sexuality, and expanding your pleasure capacity will heal and uplevel every area of your life. I have been working with Victory Honey for over a year and I am full of joy, my passion has reignited and I´m really enjoying life. My business has really grown with the impact of this embodiment work. Victory Honey is an experienced wise coach."

Marcella. X 

How private coaching is delivered

  • My Desire Mapping Immersion (90 minutes)

Get profound clarity into what your body needs to thrive in sex, love, and intimacy. Let’s co-create a unique plan that will support you as you navigate the 12-month program
  • Twelve (12) 1:1 Coaching Sessions using modern psychology and ancient tantra over Zoom every other week (90-Minute)

We’ll schedule a call each month (at your convenience), where you'll receive personalized coaching from me.

We’ll apply everything you’re learning from the program and create a personalized path for integrated healing, so that you emerge as a vibrant, empowered woman who feels incredibly confident in her body.

  • Ten (10) Check-ins with me over Telegram (20-Minute)

 Support for you Monday -Friday via Telegram (private messaging) as you implement your learnings.
  • Customized Crystal Wand De-armouring practice 

Become your own best healer, gynecologist and lover. Get to know your vagina as a portal of life. Heal the pain stored in the tissue of your vagina that is holding you back from experiencing the best sex yet.
  • Customized Sex Assessment 

Understand your unique erogenous and pleasure zones. Learn what amplifies your arousal for satisfying sex, while noticing strong boundaries that creates safety in your body. 

Victoria’s coaching cracked my heart wide open. I was struggling immensely with menopause, feeling lost and disconnected. Victoria helped me come back to self-love releasing the feeling of ageing, losing myself and not feeling truly alive. I was guided back to my erotism. I am so grateful for the potency of this private container.

- shelby

Honoured to be coached by you. Simply Transformational.

My past and current clients have gone from:

  • Feeling numb or judgmental about their bodies to awakening their sensuality, sexuality, pleasure and erotic power within 60 days.

  • Binge drinking, feeling dull, and depressed to feeling lush, radiant and having a lust for life.

  • Blaming their partner for their unhappiness to embodying their pleasure, joy and arousal in less than 6 weeks.

  • Being unable to express what they really want, to feeling worthy enough to confidently ask for what they want and get it.

  • Struggling with low libido to finding erotic ecstasy in their bodies, increasing their desire for their partners.

  • Feeling tired and drained by menopause to changing their eating habits, reclaiming their pleasure and embodying their arousal.

  • Being single to confidently dating and attracting their soul mate while travelling.

  • Feeling redundant to finding their life's purpose.

The Investment for Private Coaching is
Payment in full: £5,000
Payment plan: £2,600 

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You might feel like something is wrong with you. No, nothing is wrong with you. It's OKAY to desire more deliciousness in your life.

You deserve to live a life of depth, joy and pleasure, with the magic of existence buzzing inside you every moment.

I will guide you gently yet fearlessly, so you can bathe in unconditional self-love and orgasmic states that shake your body and soul.

Things will never be the same again.


I co-create a transformational experience that empowers women to create the life they have always yearned for.

I'm Joyce Victoria Honey, a Sexologist, and Women's Sexual Health Specialist.

who am i?

- jill

This course has given me practical tools to get rid of my confusion around sexual empowerment and how my body works, and develop love and intimacy towards myself and others. Thanks to this course, I'm learning to work on my sexuality with grace, depth and compassion. I love exploring the many shades of orgasms and pleasure that I didn't know were possible.

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